Plant Diagram

Plant Diagram

The aim of the "Tire Recycling" facility, which we produce as Unallar Makina, is to separate the scrap car tires from their components and to bring reusable raw materials to the economy. In addition to automobile tires, truck, construction equipment and agricultural machinery tires are also recycled. In order to protect the environment, it is among the inevitable duties for our future to carry out these processes in order not to disturb the ecological balance of scrap tires thrown into the environment.

For this purpose, the areas where these precious raw materials will be used are;

  • As an additive to asphalt construction,
  • Soft ground in parks and gardens,
  • Sound and heat insulations,
  • Road paving stones,
  • Paint Industry
  • For the steel industry (wires from the tire)
  • Rubber Tile
  • Wet floor

As Ünallar Makina, we manufacture this facility on a turnkey basis, with the desired capacity starting from 500kg/hour, according to the customer's request.

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